Ocean West Capital Partners is a full-service real estate investment, operations, and management platform dedicated to identifying and executing opportunities that create long-term value for its partners and investors.

Our History of Value Creation

After successful careers in leadership positions at large institutional real estate companies, Russ Allegrette, Phil Choi and Ted Bischak formed Ocean West Capital Partners in 2009, during The Great Recession.

Their initial focus was to release value in underperforming real estate assets through targeted investments in gateway cities, prudent financing and hands-on asset and property management. As the economy improved, Ocean West expanded its investment thesis to include core and core plus assets, while continuing to apply a focused, hands on approach. The company has continued to expand both geographically and in asset class, but has not lost its focus on creating value at the asset level. This focus has allowed Ocean West to continually outperform underwriting expectations and to attract many of the largest and most respected investors in the World.
Our investment partners include Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, Dedicated Real Estate Funds and Family Offices


Since our formation in 2009, Ocean West Capital Partners has acquired and operated office, industrial, multi-family and student housing investments valued at over $4.1 billion, and completed $7.0 billion in real estate transactions


transactions completed since 2010


properties in 17 states


total transactions

From an investor perspective, Ocean West has the vision and deep market knowledge to create long-term profits by identifying and executing strategic investments. The company believes that excellent investments require outstanding oversight and management, thorough due diligence, an intelligent capital structure, and constant monitoring. Ocean West understands the importance of complete transparency, regular communication with investors, honesty, and ethical dealings above all else

International Expertise

In addition to working with US investors, Ocean West frequently invests with overseas institutional investors looking to diversify into the US Market.

Our executive team is multi-lingual and we have experience working through tax structures, currency hedges, legal requirements and other structural components often required by foreign investors. Most importantly, we understand the cultural mores and communication required to get deals approved and closed.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Our objectives are to be a responsible steward of the environment, to be a positive force for good in the communities where we operate, and to govern ourselves in a responsible and transparent way. Ocean West has fully embraced these concepts and we are diligently working to implement these ESG goals and objectives at the corporate and property levels. It is our policy to:

  • Proactively monitor and improve all energy, emissions, water, and waste programs;

  • Implement ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® across all properties, and use it as an active management tool to control our utility consumption;

  • Evaluate reduction of fossil fuels and research renewable energy sources such as on-site solar installations and wind solutions;

  • Promote diversity among our employees, vendors, and business partners;

  • Provide healthy amenities and promote employee wellness, both at our corporate offices and at the properties we manage;

  • Foster community engagement through participation in charitable programs that are focused on improving the immediate neighborhoods we work in;

  • Provide timely and accurate disclosures to our investors, including ESG objectives, strategies, and performance.

  • Provide active career management for all employees;

  • Implement SafeTraces, which provides the only indoor air quality verification that actively measures pathogen risk. Several of our buildings have received the UL Verified Ventilation and Filtration Mark

Every property we manage receives an individualized approach, but improvements are constant during our ownership period. Better improvements result in higher rental rates and/or occupancy. It also aims to reduce operating expenses while achieving environmental/social goals which create a better tenant experience and overall community.