At Ocean West Capital Partners, we offer a wide-ranging array of real estate services to our partners and investors. Our capabilities cover the entire real estate cycle, from asset acquisition, to management and finally disposition.


Since our founding in 2009, Ocean West Capital Partners has completed $4.1 billion of new equity investments throughout the United States.

With a focus on investments in high growth, technology oriented markets with high barriers to entry, Ocean West has established itself as one of the premier real estate investment firms in the United States. The team at Ocean West has been able to identify off market, unique, and differentiated investment opportunities that fit the risk-adjusted investment parameters for a variety of both domestic and international joint venture partners.

Ocean West is actively seeking investments in the office, industrial, multifamily, student housing sectors and IOS (industrial outdoor storages).
We have the ability to invest across the risk spectrum with
a primary focus on the following areas

Core Investments

Targeting recently constructed, long-term
(7+ years of remaining lease term), credit tenant leased office and industrial investments, both single-tenant and multi-tenant. We are highly focused on location, tenant credit-quality, and durability of cash flows. Traditional multifamily and student housing properties must be located in dense, urban infill locations in primary markets or at top public universities within walking distance to campus.

Core Plus Investments

Targeting multi-tenant office, industrial, traditional multifamily, and student housing properties in primary markets that are 75%-90% occupied with below market in-place rents as a result of operational mismanagement or that require a limited renovation to enhance achievable rental revenue.

Value Add/Opportunistic Investments

Targeting multi-tenant office, industrial, traditional multifamily, and student housing properties in primary and secondary markets with excellent locations that require lease-up and/or extensive renovations to reposition the property and increase cash flows to
a stabilized operating profile

Loan Advisory Services

Ocean West has deep debt experience, originating over $2.5 billion in loans for third party buyers on large properties. In addition, the principals have originated over $20 billion of debt and sold or purchased over $3 billion of whole loans and mezzanine positions, the majority of which were distressed.

Ocean West provides a full range of services to lenders, borrowers and investors to optimize recovery or recapitalization of debt.

Initial Due Diligence

  • Financial

  • Legal/ Loan Documentation

  • Physical

  • Market

  • Borrower

Strategy Determination

  • Pay-Off/ Refinance

  • Discounted Pay-Off

  • Loan Restructure

  • Loan Sale

  • Foreclosure or Deed-in-Lieu of Foreclosure

Strategy Execution

  • Borrower Negotiation

  • Lender/ Servicer Interaction

  • Loan or Property Sale Coordination

  • Foreclosure/ Deed-in-Lieu Processing

  • Refinance/ Loan Restructure

  • Receivership

Post Strategy Involvement

  • Asset Management

  • Property Management

  • Loan Servicing

  • Sale/ Refinance

  • Accounting/ Reporting

Asset Management

At Ocean West, our asset management team provides all the tools, information, and analysis needed to empower its investors to make well-informed and accretive investment decisions.




Our asset managers constantly monitor market trends and property performance for every asset in our portfolio.

Our experienced asset management professionals interface with the entire team at each investment — from leasing brokers to loan servicers, and from property managers to individual tenants.

Our asset managers stay deeply involved in the day-to-day activities, and they draw upon all pertinent details and resources to provide thoughtful and data-supported recommendations when it is time to make important investment decisions.

Core functions of our Asset Management team include:

  • Analysis of property performance relative to underwriting and budget

  • Monitoring of market

  • Evaluating and securing financing opportunities

  • Work in conjunction with leasing brokers for tenant procurement

  • Lease

  • Frequent reporting to our investment partners

Property Management

Since formation in 2009, Ocean West has managed over 17 million square feet of commercial and more than 6,000 residential units for its own account and on behalf of third-party owners and loan servicers.

A Culture of Ownership

Ocean West’s extensive experience with property management has produced measurable results across a spectrum of services. Decades of expertise as a commercial landlord creates an ‘ownership mentality’ not seen in traditional third-party management companies. We’re not just managers; we’re owners, ourselves. And because we think like owners, Ocean West consistently creates tangible value in each individual investment, as opposed to simply maintaining the property.

Operational Excellence

Ocean West provides an in-house team of property management professionals who are well-versed in all aspects of facilities management. To achieve consistent results, we have developed a comprehensive, proprietary Policies & Procedures program, which we continually refine and improve. We have also formed strategic partnerships with ‘best-in-class’ vendors to provide services across the portfolio

Our Technology Edge

Our property managers are proficient in a variety of management systems, including Yardi, WorkSpace, Gridium and MACH. Our team uses these tools daily to manage all aspects of each property, including accounting, facilities, and utilities management.
Because we aren’t married to any single system, we are able to choose the platform that best matches the property’s individual characteristics, and that helps us find the most efficiencies for any given asset.

Construction Management

Ocean West has the capacity to undertake and manage construction projects, from concept to full operation. This includes small tenant improvement projects to major construction projects from the ground up.

Our construction team routinely works with the top architectural firms to get plans drawn and permits approved. The actual construction is then bid out to the most qualified contractors in the area, with the objective of getting the best pricing for the highest quality work.