Jun 27 2023

Ocean West celebrates grand opening of Earth Information Center at NASA HQ


WASHINGTON DC, June 21, 2023. Ocean West was on-hand to participate in the official ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new Earth Information Center, located in the lobby of the NASA Headquarters building in Washington DC. The new visitor center is open to the public and features several interactive exhibits that aim to present the vast amount of data that NASA collects in an easily accessible way. The exhibits currently focus on the topic of climate change and demonstrate how NASA’s data is being utilized across a wide range of uses in order to improve our quality of life.


NASA Administrator Bill Nelson led the ceremony and was joined onstage by representatives from its partner agencies that co-founded the visitor center (EPA, FEMA, Department of Agriculture, US Geological Survey, US Agency for International Development, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration).


“For more than 60 years, NASA has used our vantage point of space to observe Earth with satellites and instruments aboard the International Space Station to collect vital, life-saving data. To meet the Biden-Harris Administration’s goal of making this data more understandable, accessible, and usable for everyone, NASA is opening the Earth Information Center. From firefighters that rely on NASA data for wildfire management to farmers who need to know when and where to plant crops, the Earth Information Center will help more people make informed decisions every day.” –Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator


Ocean West worked in tandem with NASA and their project team to make the vision for the Earth Information Center a reality. Ocean West was heavily involved throughout the planning, buildout, and programming process, and they were instrumental in ensuring the project was completed under a condensed timeframe. Ted Bischak, principal of Ocean West, celebrated the project’s successful grand opening alongside the NASA Administrator, Bill Nelson and held the ribbon as it was cut.


Please see the video below for NASA’s official broadcast of the ceremony: